The Green Race Movie
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A Kayaking Film by Chris Gallaway
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The Green Race Movie
tells the story of a world-class whitewater race that takes place near Saluda, North Carolina every November. It is a film that captures the grace and excitement of class V+ kayaking as well as the unique character of the Green Race, a grass roots event that draws the top athletes in kayaking from around the world. Through interviews with the professional kayakers who regularly win the Race and by following the experiences of an amateur kayaker
training to compete for the first time, The Green Race Movie reveals this awesome event in greater detail than ever before, digging deep into the guts and glory spirit of The Green Race to tell a story infused with the power of the river and the intrigue of the thrill-seeking instinct.

Interviews with: Tommy Hilleke, Pat Keller, Chris Gragtmans, Andria Baldovin,
Leland Davis and Woody Callaway

Music: TV on the Radio, Zoe Keating, The Phillipians, King Seven & Solo the Master


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October 24, 2010

It's been a good few years since we released "The Green Race Movie." When the movie first came out, it was great to receive the affirmation of the paddling community through local screenings and through festival wins at The National Paddling Festival and the Reel Whitewater Film Festival. Now, three years later, Spencer and I still hear encouraging comments from people who have just discovered the movie or are watching it for the umpteenth time. Green Race season always stirs up an atmosphere of interest about the movie as people watch it again to get motivated or just to study the race lines.

In 2010, it sounds like a few new faces will be bringing their perspective to bare on the Green Race. Talented photographer Anthony Bellemare is producing a mixed-media photo essay about the Race, and I hear that Sam Fulbright will be covering this year's event for his film about the Green River. It's great to see that this awesome event continues to generate so much grass roots interest and enthusiasm in the community.

We are continually rewarded by the positive response boaters have given to "The Green Race Movie." If there was ever a central goal to producing this project, it was to honor the local community and this fantastic day that brings us together every November. We're thankful to feel that this goal has been resoundingly achieved.

- Chris Gallaway, Horizonline Pictures

Chris Gallaway talks about making THE GREEN RACE MOVIE from Effort Inc on Vimeo.


in association with:
Effort, Inc& Rapid Transit Video